Thinking of sprucing up your home? Here are some design suggestions from Interiors by Monique.

· What does your foyer or entrance say about you? Does it reflect your personal lifestyle? The entrance area creates the first impression visitors have of your home, so be sure to make the most of this space. When you walk through your door, there should be an immediate connection.

· If you need a home office, but aren’t sure you have room, take heart. It’s possible to create an effective and practical work area even if limited to a very small space.

· Don’t forget basic design. Transform your home’s scale with color. Create conversation areas with just the right furniture placement. Personalize your home with sentimental treasures collected over a lifetime.

· Window treatments can be both practical – eliminating glare, creating warmth, reducing drafts, adding privacy, and reducing echoes – and aesthetic – adding color, texture, and beauty.

· Lighting can do wonders for a room. Accent lighting, ceiling lights, and dimmers that control intensity will warm an area and set a mood. Task lighting adds functionality and style.

· Each room should complement the others. Colors and style should flow from room to room. Good design can blend different periods of furniture in pleasing and original ways to create an environment all can enjoy.

· There are a wide variety of flooring options available today, including wood, tile, stone, and cork. Carpeting choices include area rugs or wall-to-wall, Oriental or contemporary styles. Keep in mind that if your carpet is bold in color or design, start your design with the carpet, and balance the rest of the room with harmonizing fabrics for upholstered furniture and draperies as well as placement of art objects.

· Proceed carefully with choices for kitchen and bath renovations – these are more permanent than other design projects, and may affect the resale value of your home. Avoid making costly mistakes in placing and selecting appliances, cabinets, countertop materials, work spaces, and lighting.

· What can be more pleasurable than dining in a lovely room? You can make your dining room or eating area a delightful place that makes meals social and happy experiences, whether dining alone or with family or guests. Good color choices, accents, mirrors, and art are just as important as your furniture.

· Make bedrooms cozy and inviting with just the right wall color, bedding, pillows, and chairs, all designed for warmth and privacy.

· Take the exterior of your home into account with your interior design. The outside should relate with the interior, including your front door, shutters, potted plants, columns, and porch furniture.

Interiors by Monique can help you make good home design decisions, from choosing a window treatment to managing a major renovation.