OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASummer has arrived at last, following an unusually long winter hibernation. With longer days and bright sunlight we may begin to notice things about our homes that were not so obvious during those dark days in January and February. That paint color that looked so fresh and bright……… was it 10 years ago?…….. is a little tired looking now…… and Muffin has used the sofa as a scratching post once too often!…….. the wine stains in the carpet, from the last party, will simply not come out…… and the furniture in the study does not look as pristine as it once did….. and besides, it never really fit the room well anyway, especially since the space has become the home office!

The wallpaper in the guest bathroom is peeling, and you are not sure that you like that shade of yellow anymore….. the kitchen could use an update…the cabinet doors are a little loose….. the hardware is dated…… and you really would like to have granite countertops…… you are wondering if you can somehow incorporate  your recent acquisition of an Oriental rug from Aunt Myrtle, into the foyer…… or will it clash with the existing color on the walls?

Summer is a perfect time to restore a fresh look to your home’s decor…….. and we can help!

Call us for a design consultation. We can bring a new look to your house in ways that will be chic all year round.