Interiors by Monique master bedroom1)   To create better use of space and/or increase the footprint: A simple solution could be  rearranging furniture, adding a dormer or a more involved solution might be moving walls and windows or adding square footage to provide better flow within the room and to other rooms in the home.

2)   To create better storage: nobody has too much storage these days. Built-in bookshelves or retrofitting an existing closet can substantially provide more storage space.

3)   To redo color schemes and freshen the look of the room: Depending on personal preference, you can create a soothing space to relax at the end of the day or a vibrant space to wake up to. Everyone has a color palette they gravitate towards.

4)   To deal with health and aging-in-place issues: Whether dealing with sensitivity to materials or allergies, chronic or temporary health conditions or challenges that come with getting older, replacing older furnishings with eco-friendly materials, repainting a room with low VOC products or re-arranging furniture to accomodate wheelchairs or crutches for easier mobility can increase a person’s quality of life and longevity in their home.

5)   To provide more lighting options: By adding new windows or a skylight you can enhance the natural light in a space and truly make an impact on how you feel in your bedroom. Adding recessed, task and ambiance lighting can also dramatically improve the environment and mood.

6)   To update furnishings, bedding, flooring and window treatments: People’s tastes change, pets can wreak havoc, items wear out and look “tired”, therefore, these are all reasons to consider renovating the master bedroom. The quality of home furnishing products has continued to improve in the past decade and if you’re mattress or your pillow is older than that, it is time for a makeover!

7)   Moving into a new home or relocating to a smaller space: When you’re moving to a new space – whether larger or smaller – it is a great time to reappraise what you have and what you might want to change or replace.

8)   Adding a first-floor master suite: Single floor living is growing in popularity, not only because of our aging population but because there are many benefits to a bedroom being adjacent to the living space.

9)   To accommodate changes in relationship status: If you’ve gone from single status to coupled or from married to divorced or widowed, updating your bedroom will be a step in this transition.

10)   To invest in the value of your home: First and foremost, renovating and/or redecorating the master bedroom is an investment in your quality of life. It will also positively impact the value of your home and improve your resale opportunities.