Decorating a child’s room should be lots of fun.  But with a small, powerful critic judging your every move, making choices can be stressful.  What will my child like?  Will this be sturdy enough?  Will it last?

Boys Bedroom

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when starting a child’s room redo:

1. Keep your child involved

It may seem obvious, but most parents forget to ask their young children what they want when it comes to room design.  You may not be able to honor every wish, but you can certainly keep your child involved in the process.  By recognizing your child’s opinions, you show respect, the room will more likely reflect their desires, and they will feel ownership and pride.

2. Your child, the artist

You child’s artwork not only makes for colorful accessories on the walls, but it works as a confidence booster.  Frame an art project as you would any other special piece.  By treating your child’s work as special, they will feel special.  And they will know that they are contributing to the beauty of their room.

3. Keep storage low

Children can’t put their things away if the storage is too high.  To make it more likely that toys will be cleaned up, provide convenient storage.  Colorful bins and suitcases make great storage for under the bed.

4. Using color

One mistake parents make is painting the entire room in the child’s favorite color.  This can turn out to be overwhelming.  A room painted completely bright pink can be stifling and cause anxiety.  And since children change their mind so often, you may be forced to repaint quickly.  Instead, choose accessories, like pillows, rugs, bedding, and artwork in the child’s favorite color.

5. Remember function

You always want to keep function in mind when designing a room, and this is never more important than with children.  A pretty window shade, for example, will be a real disruption if it lets in too much light and wakes the child up early in the morning.  Decorative bedding can be beautiful, but if it is too difficult for the child to make his bed, it quickly loses its appeal.

By getting creative and keeping function in mind, you can create a beautiful, efficient, practical child’s room.  Have fun!