Interiors by Monique Sunset photoWe just discovered this great new app from Sherwin Williams called Chip-It™. You can have fun uploading photos onto their site and they will extract the shades of colors and create a palette.

There is an entire science devoted to choosing colors but basically we are attracted to certain colors and often want to use those hues in our homes.  As a professional who guides clients on choosing colors, I often base the palette on an existing structure like a fireplace surround or a beloved Oriental rug. However, using a photograph, piece of artwork or a fabric swatch for inspiration works well, too. And now Chip-It can make our work easier and even more exciting.

For example, if you find a photograph of a beautiful sunset and love the orange, reds, deep blues and pink colors, use Chip-It and then the palette will provide a guide for coordinating fabrics and wall treatments.

In our sample we found the colors were not true to the actual fabrics and wall color but it can still be a useful tool. If you collect images and paste them onto a Pinterest board or have an idea book on, then you can use Chip-It on those sites. We have a professional profile on Houzz and recently uploaded a project there.

Interiors by Monique Sunset Palette by Chip-It

Interiors by Monique-Family Room-Sherwin Williams Chip-It Palette