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Celebrate Mother’s Day with Gifts and Keepsakes

homemade card by Monique's sonThe best Mother’s Day gifts are given with love, whether bought or do-it-yourself. The wonderful handmade cards and gifts that our children give us are the most precious but how do you preserve them?

1)   You can scan them and turn them into wallpaper for your computer

2)   Turn those adorable pieces of art into greeting cards.  As a Send Out Cards distributor, Monique can create a set of cards using your child’s artwork.

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Decorating with Collections – Feather Your Nest!

Interiors-by-Monique-birdcage-silk-pillowAre you a collector? Whether you are a serious collector of antiques or a lighthearted gatherer of unique objects, putting together a great display of your collection makes for interesting décor. Often my clients have items of sentimental value that they have spent years acquiring. Creating a design theme around your favorite objects is another fun way to reflect your personal taste.

I have always liked birdcages and keep  an eye out ones with interesting shapes, sizes and a variety of materials like wood, wicker or ceramic. I recently came across this birdcage pillow and like using novelty fabrics for accessories and accent pieces.

Here are examples of how you might hang a variety of birdcages on a wall to create visual impact. A couple of years ago a design showroom had a clever display of birdhouses made up of wallpaper samples. Read more…

Details Make All the Difference in Home Renovations

art deco hingeDetails, details, details! You probably never think twice about hinges and doorknobs or the position of electrical outlets and light switches when renovating your home. However, these details make a difference in the usability and comfort of your space. Interior designers who participate in the planning stages of a renovation, coordinating with the architect and builder from the beginning, can ensure that details like choosing fixtures and finishes and access to switches, outlets and thermostats don’t get overlooked. Because there is an overwhelming number of choices to be made during a renovation, having someone who can work with you to create a checklist can save both time and money in the long run.

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Designing with Fabrics

A key part of any décor is the soft furnishings – window treatments (draperies, window seat cushions), upholstery fabrics for furniture (chairs, sofas, love seats, stools, ottomans and more), bedding and bathroom (shower curtains), and accessories like trims and throw pillows.

Candice Olson Collection from KravetMixing and matching fabric colors, textures and patterns is an art. Like fashion trends that come and go, home décor fabrics reflect the evolving taste of the consumer. Animal prints, tone-on-tone and geometric patterns like ikat are popular now. Another trend we’re watching are well-known interior designers, like HGTV star Candice Olson, creating fabrics for companies like Kravet.  Although we love using some of these fun and beautiful materials, we recommend mixing the trendier fabrics with staples such as solid colors with textures, stripes and florals. This will keep your rooms updated and within budget, forgoing frequent makeovers as styles come and go. Read more…

Creating Color Palettes for Home Decor with Chip-It™

Interiors by Monique Sunset photoWe just discovered this great new app from Sherwin Williams called Chip-It™. You can have fun uploading photos onto their site and they will extract the shades of colors and create a palette.

There is an entire science devoted to choosing colors but basically we are attracted to certain colors and often want to use those hues in our homes.  As a professional who guides clients on choosing colors, I often base the palette on an existing structure like a fireplace surround or a beloved Oriental rug. However, using a photograph, piece of artwork or a fabric swatch for inspiration works well, too. And now Chip-It can make our work easier and even more exciting.

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