There are many ways to approach the interior design process of one’s house.  The owners of this home asked me to create a design incorporating their love of world travel and some key pieces from their tours of far-away places.

Memories of Japan: A Restful Haven

IBM japan room 1

When most people think of Japan, they think of the bustling city of Tokyo.  But it is the tranquil and traditional countryside that shaped this room, namely the themes of the two Japanese prints on the wall at the head of the bed.

The print on the right features a kimono-clad woman admiring the blossoms of a tree that fills the canvas.  The colors…brick, porcelain blue and cream, to name a few…set the palette for a room that is restful and serene.

Our eyes are drawn next to the bed pillows, covered in fabric adorned with open colorful parasols.  In Japanese culture, the umbrella signifies a happy, complete life, so fitting here.

The pillow grouping is offset by a central pillow covered in blue fabric that is enhanced by a gingko-leaf design, reminding us of the Far East.

The bed is inviting and tranquil, covered by a white spread whose diamond quilting is repeated in the room’s cream and beige wall covering.  At the foot of the bed is draped a light-blue throw, accented by an embroidered silk runner, another souvenir of the homeowners’ Japanese travels.

The porcelain bedside lamps are also reminiscent of the Far East in a seafoam-kissed blue, topped by a creamy fabric shade.  The effect is of two pagodas, defining the place of repose.

The tables flanking the bed are dark supports for the “pagoda” lamps and remind us of the dark bark of the tree trunk in the country scene above the bed.

The room invites us to: “Rest here.  Meditate.”  And we do.

Memories of China: Joy

The vibrancy of China, another part of the world visited by our homeowners, is evident in our design for the master bedroom.

ibm japan pic 2

For the Chinese, red symbolizes good fortune and happiness.  And this room exudes both.

The sumptuous bedclothes are a cascade of reds and maroons, accented by traditional Chinese medallions and gold trim.  Imagine reclining like royalty on this profusion of pillows.

The wallcovering continues the use of vivid crimson colors with subtle impressionistic flowers in its design.

The dark wood of the bed posters unites the bed and wall, guiding our eyes to the stark white picture of an oriental lily.  The chinoiserie drapes, a fanciful imagining of Chinese life in white and red, frame the bright white sheers that insulate this Far Eastern oasis from the outside world.

And the ginger jar lamp on the bed table assures us, “All is right.  You are home.”