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Utilize your space by adding a stylish vignette

Family Room Pears vignette Interiors by MoniqueClients often ask how to use an odd bit of space in a room – a corner or a large hallway that might otherwise go under utilized. By adding an attractive vignette in the space – with a comfortable chair, table, lighting, and artwork that coordinates with the larger space – you can create an attractive and functional place to read or snooze.

It is perfectly acceptable to separate a pair of matching chairs in the same room. In this family room, each chair holds court in its own corner. The space gets extra functionality from the sideboard because it can store objects as well display a lamp or favorite pieces of art. While entertaining, it can hold a platter of hors d’oeuvres.

Historic House Family Room with Scroll Pattern Window Treatment

As the light filters through the windows, the design of the fabric is accentuated completing the look.