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Spring Cleaning Checklist

spring cleaning supplies with crocusesSpring is a time of renewal. With the advent of a new season comes a flurry of activities, from dusting to vacuuming to de-cluttering. Now is the time to inspect the interior of your home  and make necessary improvements. It’s a great time to refresh flooring, furnishings and accessories in the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and closets. What’s in your pantry that needs to be recycled?

Do you have a bridal shower or graduation coming up this spring? Events are fabulous motivators for updating your home. That requires some planning, so if larger projects are on your “to do” list, line up your professional team sooner rather than later.

We have devised a checklist for homeowners: Read more…

Historic House Family Room with Scroll Pattern Window Treatment

As the light filters through the windows, the design of the fabric is accentuated completing the look.

Importance of Window Treatments

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Window treatments are the least expensive way to transform a room.

Window treatments can create an illusion. For instance, by installing draperies above the window frame, the window will appear taller and the ceiling higher. To make a small window look larger, the window treatment should be installed outside the frame of the window, thus exposing the entire window.

“Dressing a window gives a room a warm appeal, absorbs sound, provides privacy, acts as insulation, cuts down on UV rays that fade carpets, fabrics,and furniture. Shades, blinds, and shutters control the sunlight and artificial light to eliminate glare from computer monitors and television screens.